The Deck of Fortune

You already know how to use a deck of cards to pass the time and play games, but did you know that with that simple deck of cards you can also catch a glimpse of the future?

Reading fortunes with playing cards is one of the oldest forms of fortune telling: it’s called Cartomancy. Unlike Tarot, which actually evolved from Cartomancy and requires a special deck, the art of cartomancy can be performed with any standard deck of playing cards. Master the magical art and you’ll be prepared to perform readings for yourself or for others wherever life takes you.

This kit contains a book that will guide you through everything you need to know to read your fortune with playing cards, from guidance on the meanings and astrological associations of each card to how to ask the cards for answers to all your burning questions, and a unique 52-card deck with a modern bold design so that you can get started right away.

Each suit of a playing card deck gives you insight on a different aspect of your life. Hearts give explain emotional states and struggles, Diamonds hold revelations about your finances, Spades shed light on conflict and obstacles in your life and Clubs can help guide you on practical matters from business negotiations to travel. Together, they can answer yes or no questions, help you choose between three options, find the right time to act, discover if your wishes will come true, give an overview of the questioner’s life or zero in on a specific area of your life.

Open up The Deck of Fortune and you will:
· Learn ancient secrets of Cartomancy, one of the oldest forms of divination
· Discover the mystical meanings of each individual card
· Learn how to use playing cards to discover hidden truths about the past, present and future
· Practise interpreting the cards with sample spreads and readings
· Ask the cards for guidance on whether or not something is right for you, when to plan an event, what is causing problems in your career or relationships and what your future has in store

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