Sacred Geometry

Discover the majestic flow of the universe and how its symbolic architecture can awaken higher energies.

Sacred Geometry exists all around us in the natural world, from the unfurling of a rose bud to the pattern of a tortoise shell, the sub-atomic to the galactic. A pure expression of number and form, it is the language of creation and navigates the unseen dimensions beyond our three-dimensional reality.

Since its discovery, humans have found many ways - stone circles, mandalas, labyrinths, temples - to call upon this universal law as a way of raising consciousness and communicating with a divine source. By becoming aware of the dots and lines that build the world around you, Sacred Geometry will teach you how to bring this mystical knowledge into your daily practice.

About the Author

Jemma Foster is a multi-disciplinary practitioner of plant and vibrational medicine. She is the founder of the botanical studio Mama Xanadu, which hosts plant workshops and supper clubs. Through her own research and study with the Academy of Sacred Geometry, Jemma fell in love with this language of the universe and the myriad ways in which it has been spoken across cultures and across time.

Number of pages: 160
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