Crystal remedies for physical, emotional and spiritual healing

Whether you are suffering from stress, insomnia, loneliness or heartbreak, or looking to improve your relationships, attract wealth, or let go of your fears, this book can recommend a crystal to help your cause. With detailed descriptions of 75 crystals, their attributes and powers, and information on how to select, cleanse and care for your crystals, and how to put them to use, this book will help you to harness the powers of crystals to heal yourself and transform your life.

Divided into eight main chapters, each relating to a specific area of your life, this book is inspired by the ancient apothecaries of days gone by, which formulated medicines and dispensed healing herbs, while offering a wealth of advice and services to soothe their customer's ailments.

Sections include:
Your Body
Your Mind
Your Heart
Your Soul
Your Emotions
Your Relationships
Your Goals
Your World

About the Author

Gemma Petherbridge has been a psychic and intuitive all her life. Over the years she has learned the beauty in following her intuition and has spent the last few years breaking down the steps required to perfect this skill so she can teach it to others. In 2017 Gemma launched the crystal business @ConscienceCrystals.
From the start she allowed her intuition to make all the business decisions. The results have been a joyful, fun and successful business that grows naturally and with ease. Today Gemma specialises in supporting people to raise their vibration and strongly believes connecting with your intuition is a key aspect of this.

Number of pages: 192
Weight: 540 g 
Dimensions: 15.56 x 1.91 x 21.59 cm

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