The Art of Mindful Living

Mindful is about fully appreciating life’s little pleasures and the most precious of moments that, all too often, pass by unnoticed when the mind is distracted.

Though it seems like a paradox, slowing down to focus on one thing at a time and resisting the urge to multi-task can actually make us more productive by allowing us to deliberately concentrate our energy on our most important tasks. Likewise, mindful living also helps us be more aware of our thought patterns so that we can cultivate inner peace and appreciate the beauty in our day to day lives.

This little collection of tips, inspirational quotes and reflections will help you find new strategies to:
– stay focused and resist the urge to multitask,
– take a few minutes to meditate and recentre yourself,
– create a calming environment,
– appreciate the beauty around you,
– be more patient,
– and manage your emotions to cultivate inner peace.

This book will show you just how impactful it can be to take a few short moments to calm your mind and will ultimately help live a more peaceful and focused life.