Breathe your way towards a more considered, thoughtful life.
Are you using your phone too much? Are you drinking too much coffee? Are you really getting the most out of your day?
The Little Book of Breathing is the one-step handbook towards a more considered and thoughtful life. Combining techniques, exercises and helpful thoughts from life coach and counsellor, Una L. Tudor, you will learn how to eliminate stress and bring peace into your life, all through the power of breathing.
With these simple 10-15 minute practices to guide you through your day, you'll learn how to harvest the power of your breath.
Accessible and open to everyone, this beautifully illustrated book will help you learn how to lead a more tranquil, relaxed and serene existence.

CONTENTS:1. Rise and Shine! 7am
2. Information Overload 9am
3. Cool, Calm and Collected 11.45am
4. Yoga Coffee 3pm
5. Beat the C ommuter Blues 6pm
6. Home at Last 8pm
7. Beauty Sleep 11pm

Number of pages: 96
Weight: 140 g 
Dimensions: 11.05 x 1.65 x 15.24 cm

Kollektionen: Books

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