Moon Power

The Moon is not just a static piece of cosmic matter in our night sky, but a dynamic living being. Throughout her journey around the Earth which takes about 29.5 days she shows us her different faces, growing from a silver sliver in the sky to an awe-inspiring illuminated sphere, before returning to darkness again. She changes colour and moves through a variety of star constellations reflecting the energies at play each day. 

The Moon gives us a map to a cyclical way of living; the blueprint for a life that breathes in harmony with the rhythm of the natural world around us. She teaches us about the importance of embracing quiet and reflective times as much as celebrating the times we experience life in its fullest expression. She informs us when to plant the seeds of our dreams and when to take stock and harvest what we have been growing. What will you discover about yourself when you tune into the moon?

Publisher: Octopus Publishing Group 
ISBN: 9781783253401 
Number of pages: 160 
Weight: 320 g 
Dimensions: 210 x 148 x 14 mm

Author: Merilyn Kesküla-Drummond

Kollektionen: Books

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