Your Crystals, Your Journey, Your Journal

You are a multi-faceted individual that vibrates with a unique energy. Learn how to find the crystal that resonates with your unique personality and which crystals vibrate with the right energy to help you in each aspect of your life.

Your Crystal, Your Journey, Your Journal is your guide to finding the crystals that make up your unique crystal code. Learn how to find the right crystals for you and find your ideal crystal for:
- Relaxation
- Healing
- Protection
- Love
- Meditation
- Money
- Success

As you work through the journal, you will discover what your crystal has to say about you in each aspect of your life. Then, learn how to work with each of your crystals through meditation, visualization and manifestation exercises that will help you discover and overcome the obstacles in your life and draw the energy you need into your life. With space to reflect on your life, your experiences working with the crystals and your encounters with your crystal guides, this journal will help you move forward on your journey to achieving inner peace, happiness and total wellbeing.

About the Author

Teresa Dellbridge

I've always loved books and literature, but while at school I didn't have much time for the poet Wordsworth. I felt that he stated the obvious. 'Huh, nature mystic? He's no more a "nature mystic" than I am!' I would say. Then I began to realise that's exactly what I was, and am - a nature mystic.

I believe that the earth will whisper her magic if you listen with your heart. Life can seem so complicated and difficult, but go out among the trees and everything comes into place.

Number of pages: 160

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