The Chakras Activity Book & Journal

Align your chakras and become a chi whiz!

Your chakras offer the master key to self-healing, personal empowerment, and no-alcohol-required relaxation. Whether you're a total newbie to the mystical world of energy-healing or a wise old woo-woo hat, you'll enjoy this smorgasbord of activities to help open, clear, and enhance each of the seven main chakras (and thus, your whole human being).

Inside, you'll find non-stuffy stuff like:

- Heart (and Brain!) Openers
- Vice Busters
- Gratitude Generators
- Creativity Ticklers
- Self-Lovin' Letters
- Fill-in-the-Blank Meditations
- Personal Power Puzzles
- And Some Pretty Groovy Ways to Let Go of Ghosts from Relationships Past

Give transcendence a whirl, flush the bad vibes, and channel the good ones. You might decide that open chakras are a great look.

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